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Family Business News, Issues, Annoucements, Webinars, Updates, & More

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Family Business News

News & Updates Family Business News, Issues, Annoucements, Webinars, Updates, & More

How Did You Help During the Great Pandemic?

Our company was founded by my grandpa in 1953 as Seneca Sawmill. We are now owned by my mother and my two aunts. We have grown over the years and we now have 168,000 acres of timberlands that we manage sustainably (we have 92% more timber on that land than we had 25…

Family business owners weigh in on taxes, regulation

Family Enterprise USA’s 2020 survey sheds light on factors that family business owners see as obstacles to growth. Legislators must know what is important to family business owners — what helps or hurts them when it comes to operating their businesses and creating…

Family Enterprise USA is the organization that represents all family businesses on a national level in DC; it is not unique to any industry. Family Enterprise USA is different from other organizations because it represents and advocates for the families of family businesses and the issues, they face running their businesses every day. Our sole mission and purpose is to promote family businesses and their job growth in America. We also support the work of Family Business Centers across the country. We hope your family will choose to be a member of Family Enterprise USA.