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Navigating “Company Value” in Times of Choppy Market Activity - Pat Soldano

By Joseph C. Hassan, CFA, ASA and Mark E. Lingerfield, ASA, MPI

In the uncertainty of this social distancing economy and volatile equity and debt markets, how should business owners and professionals of private companies think about company value and the impact on estate planning and/or corporate planning initiatives?

In this article, we consider the difference between “price” and “value” which may assist C-suite executives or business owners with internal planning efforts. In other words, it is next to impossible to try to “time the market” in making business or estate planning decisions. However, understanding how volatility, risk and business fundamentals affect company value can help managers make appropriate decisions.

In 2007 to 2009, we saw record oil prices, the S&P 500 top 1,500 points (amazing at the time), real estate values were peaking, and a high level of consumer sentiment. The subsequent declines in the equity markets hit nearly everyone by surprise as the sub-prime debt market collapsed and we came to grips with the realization that a severe economic recession and financial crisis was upon us. With widespread uncertainty around the future, markets experienced significant daily volatility. To some extent, the mental and emotional stresses resulting from the financial crisis and Great Recession (as well as shifts in the way broad industries now operate) continue to linger. As a society, we have some level of anxiety remaining from the pandemic and a looming recession, which is important to consider as we look to understand the current environment.

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